If you need a computer for everyday use, this is the one. Whether browsing the web, sending email, writing a composition, or managing your photo collection, this computer makes it easy. You can do basic gaming too, with decent performance with titles like WoW, Minecraft, or Far Cry 3. Don't be fooled by cheaper PCs at chain stores that are stuffed with yesterday's obsolete parts -- these are all current-generation components.

Choose a thin-line case for the same price (does not have card reader)

  • AMD A8-7600 quad core processor at 3.8 gHz
    - integrated Radeon R7 graphics with VGA, DVI, and HDMI video outputs.
    Use 3 monitors at once!
  • 8 GB DDR3 1600 memory
  • 120 GB solid state hard drive (1000 GB SATA hard drive is a no-cost option)
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • 8 channel HD audio
  • CD/DVD burner
  • Multi card reader, Logitech keyboard & mouse
  • Features Windows 10 with an optional classic start button add-on


$0 -- Choose a 1 TB SATA hard drive instead of the SSD
$75 -- Get a 1 TB SATA storage drive with the 120 GB boot SSD
$50 -- Double the memory to 16 GB