SOLD August 2004

  • NGK copper plugs & wires
  • ProBoost (no longer in business) manual boost controller
  • DN Y pipe
  • ATR downpipe
  • Rewired stock fuel pump
  • RC 550cc injectors
  • HKS VPC and GCC
  • 1g DSM blowoff valve
  • Bradi slotted rotors with EBC red (front) and green (rear) pads
  • RPS Stage 3 clutch, 6 puck
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1/8th mile (newer than timeslip) = 7.86 @ 89.5

Not bad for a 4035lb car!            

Another run -- 12.50s isn't a fluke!

Here's another Supra run where I lose so people don't say I hate on Supras :)
I made him earn it though!


* Cleaning 1994 headlights by Travis Bayne
* Foglight mods - Fogs with high beam, fogs with parking lights
* Why you should keep stock fogs on 1st gen 3kS
* TPS adjustment instructions, from shop manual
* Variable-voltage fuel pump relay bypass
* Other cars I've owned

More pics:

Best HVAC of any car I've owned:

Under the hood:

Bradi slotted rotors, painted stock calipers:

Painted R/T emblem: